Classroom Decor

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Vinyl is an awesome way to decorate your a classroom or study space, especially places that you can't use staples!

I helped a cute friend of mine add some fun details to her owl themed classroom. Here are some of the fun things we did!


Each of her students is assigned a number and their own coat hook, we added some owls and leaves with numbers to help the kids know which one belongs to them. Using vinyl here is great because you don't have to worry about coats snagging the numbers that have been taped and these little owls are so adorable.

** Using Transfer Tape made putting these guys up a million times easier!**


In her classroom the kiddos line up to go to lunch and recess in the classroom, so we labeled the floor with numbers so that the kids would know where to stand in line. Kind of like for Southwest airlines, only without any confusion of what number comes before what.



One thing that can always get annoying is to have to write the same thing over and over again, if not everyday. One of those things for teachers is writing the date. My friend, Mrs. Margetts writes, "Today is.." on the board everyday, so we just cut out some vinyl so she only has to change the date.



The last thing we did to jazz up her classroom was to add some flair to her desk. We created a multi colored owl by layering different colors of vinyl and put it on the front of her desk with her name. It turned out so so cute! All the other teachers will probably be jealous.



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