Affordable and Easy Hot Pad Gift | Vinyl Outlet

1st Dec 2021

Affordable and Easy Hot Pad Gift | Vinyl Outlet

Hot Pad Gift Idea


Are you looking for an easy and affordable gift for neighbors and friends? All you need is a hot pad, HTV and your favorite baking mix and cooking utensil.

The ideas above are for the holiday season, but you can make this gift any time of year. It would be a great gift for anyone who likes to cook. Get creative with what you put on and in the hot pad, you can even customize with initials or a monogram.

Simply buy or make a hot pad of your choice, and choose a design you can create with HTV. Remember to mix and match multiple types of HTV for a more eye-catching design.

Apply the HTV as directed and finish the gift by stuffing the "pocket" with all types of mixes, utensils, candy, treats, recipes or anything else you choose.

For the HO HO HO, we used White Turbo with Gold and Black Glitter HTV.

The Muffin hot pad, we used White Turbo and Green Dots (pattern HTV).

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Happy holiday season and happy creating!

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