Make it Your Own; Fall Pillow Tutorial | Vinyl Outlet

10th Nov 2021

Make it Your Own; Fall Pillow Tutorial | Vinyl Outlet

Step-by-Step Thanksgiving Pillow

Fall is such a wonderful time to re-decorate the house and bring out all the fun Fall colors! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the pillow making process, so you can Make it Your own!

Step 1:Design your image in your favorite cutting software.

Step 2:Look at all of your HTV options, pick your favorite mix of colors and styles.

Step 3:Cut your designs, remember to mirror your image before cutting.

Step 4:Weed all of your HTV

Step 5:Press your pieces onto your fabric one at a time in the correct order.

Remove clear liner between each press. Use a teflon sheet to protect from heat.

Step 6: You now have a fully custom finished pillow to decorate your house or gift to a friend.

Welcome to our Patch Pillow Recipe:

Words and Outline- Black Turbo

Pumpkins- Copper GlitterLeopard and Jade Glitter

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