Make it Your Own; Stained Glass Vinyl Tutorial | Vinyl Outlet

12th Oct 2021

Make it Your Own; Stained Glass Vinyl Tutorial | Vinyl Outlet

Step-by-Step Halloween Stained Glass

Our new Oracal 8300 Stained Glass vinyl is so much fun! This step-by-step tutorial will hopefully help answer any questions you may have, so you can Make it Your own!


Step 1: Design your image in your favorite cutting software.

Step 2: Cut your design, right reading. (Do not mirror)

Step 3: Weed your leading.

Step 4: Weed Stained Glass vinyl.

Step 5: Gather all of your weeded pieces and make sure you haven't missed any part of your design.

Step 6: Apply transfer tape.

Step 7: Make sure the tape is applied well with a squeegee.

Step 8: Apply your taped design to a clear substrate, starting with the 

"leading" vinyl and then fit each piece in like a puzzle.

Place your finished product in a window or other light source to see it come to life!

You will notice the leading stays opaque which helps to pop your design.

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