Make it Your Own; Wood Slice Wreath | Vinyl Outlet

14th Nov 2021

Make it Your Own;  Wood Slice Wreath | Vinyl Outlet

Step-by-Step Wood Slice Wreath

Did you know you can apply HTV to wood? Learn how to make this adorable wood slice wreath in just a few easy steps. Great for your own home or as a custom Christmas gift for friends and family.

Step 1: You will need to purchase a wreath form and wood slices from your local craft store. We used 4" wood slices on an 18" form.

Step 2: You will also need adhesive. We used a combination of hot glue and wood glue.

Step 3: Glue your first level of wood slices down to the form.

Step 4: Design and cut your letters in any HTV you choose. Remember to mirror your design.

Step 5: Weed your HTV letters or design. So many possibilities, mix and match styles and patterns.

Step 6:  Apply your letters or design using a home iron. Press and hold on a firm surface so you get enough pressure to apply well.

Step 7: After applying heat, remove clear liner. Repeat these steps until all of your letters and designs are on.

Step 8: Glue the finished wood slices on top of the first layer of wood slices as per your design.

Complete your wreath using floral picks, ribbon and anything else you choose.

Wood Slice Wreath Recipe:

• 4" Wood Slices- Approximately 24

• Wreath Form- 18" shown, use any size

• Wood Glue and Hot Glue

• Red Glitter HTV for letters

• Floral Picks

• Ribbon

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Cut files not provided for this design.

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