Permanent Vs. Removable Vinyl: Basics and Similarities | Vinyl Outlet

7th Oct 2021

Permanent Vs. Removable Vinyl: Basics and Similarities | Vinyl Outlet

Vinyl is an immensely popular product in several settings today, offering versatile uses while also coming at an affordable cost -- and in a huge variety of styles. Generally speaking, clients have two choices for their vinyl needs: permanent and removable vinyl.

At Vinyl Outlet, we're proud to offer a huge selection of both permanent and removable vinyl for our customers, plus expertise on which is best for a given project or application you're taking part in. What are these two types of vinyl, what are their properties, and how do they differ from one another? This two-part blog series will go over several answers to these questions to help you understand everything you need to know in this area.

Permanent Vinyl Basics

Permanent vinyl has a more aggressive adhesive, and is the longest-lasting material we offer. Permanent vinyl comes in many types and styles, with varying outdoor durabilities and adhesive strengths. Permanent vinyl is great for all types of outdoor and indoor applications and will last on average 5-7 years.

Permanent vinyl isn't designed to be removable, do not use on interior walls. Permanent vinyl can be used on most flat and untextured surfaces such as windshields, mailboxes, craft projects, tumblers, glass, metal and much more!

Most permanent vinyl has a gloss finish.

Removable Vinyl Basics

Removable vinyl, on the other hand, is a type that's meant to be peeled away without causing damage to the surface it's applied to. Removable vinyl is best used for indoor applications, such as interior walls, craft and hobby projects and short term applications. You can use it outdoors, but expect a shorter lifespan. The average outdoor durability is 3-5 years, indoor it will usually last much longer.

Unlike permanent vinyl, if removed correctly, this will not leave any residue behind. It can cause damage to the surface it's being peeled off of -- just like removing stickers or decals. Use heat and peel slowly for best results.

Most removable vinyl has a matte finish.


In reality, permanent and removable vinyl are actually quite similar. Both share these qualities:

  • They are impermeable by water, meaning that it's difficult for them to be damaged by rain or snow
  • They are resistant to UV rays, meaning they won't fade through regular sun exposure
  • Most are opaque
  • Vinyl is the same color all the way through (back & front) with clear adhesive
  • Both can be written on using permanent marker

In part two of our series, we'll go over the common uses of both these forms of vinyl, plus some general tips on choosing which will be best for your project.

For more information about removable and permanent vinyl, or to learn about any of our other products, contact the staff at Vinyl Outlet today!

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