Creative Test Kitchen; Loads of Love Reverse Canvas Tutorial

24th Mar 2020

Creative Test Kitchen; Loads of Love Reverse Canvas Tutorial

Vinyl Outlet has the "recipe" for making successful projects, check out one of our latest ideas below: 

Items Needed:

-16x20 canvas wrapped frame

-12x20 sheet of Neon Pink glitter HTV

-12x20 sheet of Purple glitter HTV

-12x20 sheet of Hot Pink glitter HTV

-12x15 sheet of Black EasyWeed HTV

-Utility knife or Xacto®

-Black acrylic paint

-White acrylic paint

-Sponge paint brush

-Hot glue gun or staple gun


Unwrap your canvas from the plastic and turn it over. You’ll see a hidden frame, which is attached to the canvas with staples. Remove canvas gently from frame using your utility knife or Xacto®. Be careful not to rip the canvas. Paint or stain your frame with the color you choose (you can distress using white acrylic paint or a piece of sandpaper as shown). While your frame is drying, cut your design on your cutting machine, make sure it will fit on the canvas. You need to account for the frame, so remember to adjust your design to fit inside of the frame. Weed your design and apply it to the canvas using your heat press or iron. Position the canvas back over the frame and re-attach the canvas to the back side of the wooden frame using a staple gun or glue gun. Pull the canvas tight while re-attaching.

Happy Creating!

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