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Learn the Basics of Creating Flashy Items with Foil!


If you use iron-on (HTV) you will LOVE textile foil. It is basically the same process with just a few exceptions. You will need to buy the EasyWeed® Adhesive separate from the foil, it's located on our website under textile foils. You cut the adhesive in reverse and weed it just like standard HTV and apply it to your garment at 275° degrees for 5 seconds then remove liner. Once the adhesive is on, pick the color of foil you want and cut a sheet large enough to cover the design. Place the foil over the design, color side up, and press it again at 275° for 5 seconds and allow to cool completely. Once cool, remove the foil sheet and you will see your final design. Wait 24 hours to wash, turn garment inside out and hang to dry.

Try some today! 


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