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How to Apply Pattern Iron-on vs. the Standard Iron-on You Know so Well


By now, you have probably applied a lot of iron-on (HTV) successfully, good for you! You know best practice is to cut the back (dull side) in reverse and then weed and apply... right... well, pattern iron-on is different. We want to make sure you know how to successfully apply BOTH, here's a quick tutorial.

If you are familiar with adhesive vinyl, you know that you cut your design RIGHT READING then weed and apply transfer tape and then apply to your substrate. The pattern iron-on process is very similar to this.

When cutting pattern iron-on you always want to cut your design on the pattern side, RIGHT READING, not in reverse. This is unlike what you are used to with standard solid color iron-on, so be very careful when doing this step. When you are done cutting, weed your design.

The biggest difference between standard iron-on and patterns is that standard comes with a built-in clear liner/transfer tape, the patterns you need to apply one (Turbo Tack).

Once weeding is complete, place the provided clear "Turbo Tack" adhesive sheet over the entire design using a standard vinyl squeegee. 

**Note: A piece of Turbo Tack is always included, you do not need to purchase separately. Also, you don't need to use the whole sheet at one time, cut a piece the size of the design you want to transfer (before removing the backing to expose adhesive). Keep the rest of the sheet for another project.**

Once you have a piece of Turbo Tack applied to your design, simply lift from the backing paper and apply to your garment as usual.

Vinyl Outlet patterns are part of our Turbo series, so the application time is much faster than standard iron-on. Please refer to the table below for time and temperature.

If you have questions please call us at 801-590-9640 or email us at, we are happy to help. You can find all of our patterns here:

Happy Creating!

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